Mt. Tapyas: Chasing Sunsets in Coron, Palawan, Philippines


Why do we keep chasing sunsets?

Is it the sight, the photo of the sun surrendering all his glory to the restraints of the liquid horizon? Is it the warmth, the feeling of the king’s last-born rays caressing our skin as he dives into the sea? Or is it the chase, those jading moments when you take on the method or beat the time just to catch his last few breaths?

She sat on one of the benches that dash the path as well as told me she was providing up. Mica, a buddy as well as a fellow travel blogger, was calling it quits as well as we were not even halfway the climb. Under typical circumstances, I would have tried harder to persuade her to go on however these were no typical circumstances. We had been awake for almost 35 hours. now that I believe about it, I don’t even comprehend why we decided to climb Mt. Tapyas that day.

Over 700 steps to the top!
At 210 meters, Mt. Tapyas is the second tallest mountain as well as one of the most dominant land features around the town of Coron in Busuanga Island, Palawan. towering over the poblacion, its path is quickly accessible on foot. San Agustin street which turns into the somewhat sloping Malvar street leads the method to an elevated basketball court at the base.

The walk to the basketball court alone was already rather a test of endurance for me. The sight of the steep staircase rising from the court was not extremely encouraging, either. however with dwindling energy because of lack of sleep, we opted to make the climb as quick as we could. It was around six in the evening as well as the sun was already endangering to take that glorious dip. the time pressure was installing as well as we pushed our legs as well as unreliable stamina to try to breeze with more than 700 concrete steps that lead to the summit. Sadly, every bench was a magnet as well as we were however paper clips drawn to it without resistance.

Summer burns

When Mica increased the white flag, I had no option however to continue the arduous journey to the top. I schlepped uphill with one hand gripping on the cold, yellow metal bars that bound the path as well as the other hand wiping the sweat that dripped almost incessantly from my forehead. Every right here as well as there, I stopped to admire the view, a valid reason from as well as euphemism for resting, a further affirmation that I took a wrong turn when I decided to smoke my very first cigarette when I was 19. (I stop a long time back however still.) Every single time I paused (which occurred more frequently than necessary), I might not assist however take notice of exactly how this experience was different from the last time I was here.

This climb was my sophomore slump. The very first time, in 2009, was much easier. I do not keep in mind vomiting air at any type of point during the climb. It was right after noon (don’t do this around that time, it fries the skin) and, if my memory serves me right, the flat landings did not have covers above them yet. Yet, my very first was the more pleasant experience perhaps since sleep did not elude me the night before as well as since it just rained before the climb. I likewise recall that the grass was so eco-friendly as well as rich that time (July), which was a stark contrast to the brown as well as brown slopes — devoured by grass terminate — that greeted me just this summer.

That’s me. I’m not taking a shit. Ume-emo lang.
My photo of Mt. Tapyas in 2009. The eco-friendly was saturated right here in the photo.
View of the jagged Coron Island from Mt. Tapyas
When the top of the giant cross was poking the bottom side of my view, I understood that I was close to the summit. Each breath I took was more determined as well as each step more determined. When I set foot on the viewing platform, I was just a gentle push away from collapsing however as I dragged myself to the edge, all the difficulty was blown away. I completed the last drops of water in my bottle, stood still, closed my eyes, opened it again, as well as discovered the response to my own question.

Why do we keep chasing sunsets? since it’s just so fucking beautiful.

Mt. Tapyas sunset
How to get here: From Busuanga Airport, you can take a shuttle to Coron town appropriate (PhP150). From here, the base of Mt. Tapyas is just a walk away. just look for Malvar Street. Your landmark is the Iglesia ni Cristo church. There are lots of huge indications along the way. Or, you may just take a tricycle.

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