DON’T BE faithful TO regular FLIER PROGRAMS


Last Updated: 10/2/20 | October 2nd, 2020

Years ago, I composed a publish about joining regular flier programs. At the time, I was in the process of choosing one to join, however now I feel the publish is a bit dated, as well as my thoughts on the subject have altered as I’ve started to get much more into mileage programs as well as accumulating regular flier miles.

Which implies it’s a great time to compose a new publish on the topic.

Back in 2008, I was going to join the JAL awards program since it partnered not only with Oneworld however likewise a few other airlines I enjoy, like Emirates. In the end, I joined American Airlines, which is likewise a Oneworld partner.

I joined American over JAL since I realized that when you don’t fly that much (and back then, I didn’t), it’s much harder to make airline miles when you aren’t racking up points by utilizing a travel credit rating card.

So I chosen American because it partnered with JAL, as well as I might utilize its credit rating card to get benefit miles as well as miles from my daily spending.

Now, close to ten years after that very first post, I believe that unless you are a very flier, you shouldn’t stay with one airline or airline alliance.

Using credit rating cards as well as special provides will get you all the additional points as well as miles you requirement to get totally free flights on any type of alliance. There’s no requirement to be loyal. The only thing gained by being faithful to one airline is elite condition as well as the fantastic advantages that include it.

(But if you spread out your flights among as well numerous different carriers, you’ll water down your mileage balance. It will take you ages to make sufficient miles to redeem them for a totally free flight, as well as you certainly won’t fly sufficient on one airline to acquire elite condition — it takes 25,000 miles on many airlines to get the lowest elite status, as well as nowadays, they need a specific level of spend with the airline or on their credit rating card too. many people don’t fly or spend that much per year.)

That said, elite condition is all I care about. I want the additional perks: the totally free baggage, flight terminal lounges, concern boarding, as well as totally free upgrades. I will pay much more for a ticket as well as be loyal, because, in the end, the advantages make the higher cost worth it. Pre mňa.

For the laid-back flier, I don’t believe loyalty is worth it.

I utilized to state that if you can fly 50,000 miles or more, it’s worth focusing on one airline as well as alliance since the advantages are worth the additional cost (especially the worldwide lounges). however now, the major airlines in the united states do not value your loyalty anymore. They are only gratifying their high-spending clients with deep pockets — not their regular clients.

Travel 100,000 miles a year, however on just a few inexpensive tickets? fantastic — that will make you a pat on the back. spend $20,000 USD on a few high-priced tickets? The red carpet is rolled out for you!

So with the increased costs requirements, decreased benefits, as well as general “F U” mindset airlines have, it doesn’t make sense to be faithful to an airline if you aren’t a high-spending traveler.

Right now, I have no airline status. many of my flights for the rest of the year are long-haul worldwide flights — the kind I always utilize points on, so I can fly for totally free in company class. many of my paid, status-earning flights will be inexpensive domestic flights. I’m just not going to be able to satisfy the new costs demands for condition — for any type of airline.

I’m flying Alaska/Virgin, JetBlue, as well as Southwest a great deal much more lately. These airlines don’t have baggage fees; they do have friendlier personnel as well as much better in-flight products (hello, totally free gate-to-gate wi-fi on JetBlue!), as well as the experience is leagues much better than the huge three!

So, it makes sense to be faithful when you’re a high-spending road warrior. If you’re always staying in hotels or flying tens of countless miles per year, staying faithful will get you a great deal of added benefits.

But why pay much more if you’re only going to fly a few thousand miles per year?

Don’t be loyal. just go on price.

If you understand you aren’t going to satisfy the elite condition threshold, why pay extra? Unless you have a genuine affinity for one airline, the benefits you get for your “loyalty” aren’t worth the added cost you’re going to pay for your fare.

There are so numerous methods to get totally free miles these days that if you’re just a casual, few-times-per-year flier, you’re much better off utilizing those techniques to get totally free company or first-class tickets, which provide you all the elite advantages for that a person flight anyway.

I do believe everybody ought to indication up for regular flier programs. That way, when you utilize a company, you’re accumulating rewards. never miss a possibility to get rewards! I’m a member of every airline as well as hotel loyalty program for this reason.

But if you’re only taking a couple of trips per year, there’s no reason to be faithful to one program.

Save yourself money as well as choose the most affordable ticket.

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