WHY THE funding ONE venture CARD DOESN’T SUCK anymore


Last Updated: 10/4/20 | October 4th, 2020

They state you can’t instruct an old canine new tricks.

I don’t have a dog, so I don’t understand if that’s true.

But I do understand that an old travel writer can modification his mind.

Years ago, I composed about why I hated the funding One venture Card.

While it had a easy points structure as well as no overseas fees, it wasn’t truly great for travel hacking since you couldn’t transfer points anywhere as well as it didn’t have a excellent catagory spend reward structure. You just got two points per dollar spent, which you might be utilized as a statement credit rating – as well as that was it.

If you spent $100,000 USD on your card, you got 200,000 points, worth $2,000 USD.

With that numerous points, I can redeem for tons of flights worth method much more than $2,000 USD if utilized them directly with airlines (and, unlike with Chase as well as American Express, I couldn’t transfer the points to do that).

Moreover, numerous other travel credit rating cards came with advantages that likewise had some value too, like totally free inspected bags, concern boarding, lounge access, or Web at hotels (just to name a few). funding One provided you nothing.

Capital One was essentially a 2% cash-back card ($50,000 USD = 100,000 points = $1,000 USD = 2% of $50K).

With so numerous other no-fee cards with much better methods to make points, why would I want that one?

I was not a fan of the card.

The redemption value of funding One made it a horrible card for a travel hacker.

But, over the years, funding One has improved the card’s features to the point where now, even I should admit, this card is really rather good.

First, you get a $100 worldwide Entry/TSA Precheck credit, which implies that if you utilize the card to apply for the service, they will cover the expense of signing up. tons of cards have this feature, however the truth this has it as well is a good addition.

Second (and what truly won me over, they added 13 airline transfer partners:

Aeromexico Club Premier

Air Canada Aeroplan

Air France/KLM flying Blue

Alitalia MilleMiglia

Avianca LifeMiles

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

Emirates Skywards

Etihad Airways Guest

EVA Air Infinity MileageLands

Finnair Plus

JetBlue TrueBlue

Qantas regular Flyer

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer

Sure, numerous of those are awful partners, however Aeroplan, flying Blue, Krisflyer, as well as LifeMiles are excellent programs.

The capability to transfer your funding One points to them makes this card a no-brainer now.

Sure, the profits structure hasn’t changed. You’re still only getting two points per dollar spent, which is still only 2% cashback when utilized as a statement credit, however now that you can transfer the points, those points ended up being a great deal much more valuable.

With a present 100,000-point welcome offer, a yearly charge of $95, 2x points on all spending, as well as these new transfer partners, the card is a very great offer best now.

In travel, the one thing you can always count is that whatever is continuously changing. great becomes poor as well as poor can ended up being excellent (or worse). You never understand what’s next in such a altering as well as competitive industry.

This is one instance when we can state something poor ended up being something great.

Therefore, I rescind my old review.

Capital One’s venture Card doesn’t suck.

It’s quite great.

And it’s worth getting if you’re searching for a new card.

Here’s a (non-affiliate) link to assist you indication up for this remarkable card!

If you want to apply through an affiliate link, you can click on this one. (We get a little compensation if you’re approved. I included a non-affiliate link in right here to show that I truly do like the card as well as it’s not just about the commission!)

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